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Ex-Guard Industries specializes in providing solutions-based products that satisfy our clients at all levels. The Ex-Guard® system accomplishes this admirably by providing a unique front end protection system for vehicles that has one of the greatest strength-to-weight ratios in the market.Ex-Guard® Industries specializes in servicing fleets through our ever expanding dealer network. The Ex-Guard® system is well suited to large fleet fit-outs, with its quick and simple install process and comprehensive truck manufacturer compatibility. Having grown popular in the semi-truck market, Ex-Guard has listened to the market and expanded the product range to include products for commercial vans. Built with the same proven engineering and manufacturing process as our semi-truck guards, Ex-Guard’s CV series will show comparable return on investment to any fleet that experiences occasional front end damage from thick city traffic, fender benders or wildlife collisions.

It is the end users’ appreciation for the Ex-Guard® system’s ease of use combined with its unparalleled durability and strength that is making Ex-Guard® such a trusted brand in vehicle front end protection. In simpler terms, Ex-Guard® is the drivers’ guard of choice

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