Providing outstanding customer service is the driving force behind Van Pro’s success. Bolstered by years of experience and industry know-how, our professional sales team consultants work with you to find solutions that are perfectly tailored to your individual outfitting needs. To boot, our consultants accommodate you by meeting with you at your place of business or ours, whichever is most convenient for you.

At Van Pro, we believe that seamless, effective teamwork is the key to making any job a glowing success. Through teamwork and unparalleled service, we are able to provide you with an on-budget, functional, safe and maximized workspace.


Custom Upfitting

In addition to the exhaustive list of standard products we offer, Van Pro is able to build customized items to meet specific upfitting needs. If our standard items are not quite what you are looking for, our team will gladly help design, build and install products that cater to your individual needs.

Every project starts with an idea. At Van Pro, our mission is to help you turn that idea into a successful project.


Fleet services

For years, Van Pro has been servicing vehicle fleets small and large, working tirelessly to deliver solutions to meet all your outfitting needs. Van Pro offers both standard and custom outfits to help build the ideal service vehicles for your fleet. Our client base varies widely, from provincial and municipal government agencies to leasing companies, and from small businesses to large corporations, a testament to our ability to adapt and cater to the specific needs of our clients.

Whether you are purchasing a new vehicle or simply want to update your existing fleet, entrust a team of seasoned professionals with the task: choose Van Pro.


GPS Tracking Device Installation

Keep your vehicle safe with our expert GPS tracking device installation service. For more information or to get a quote contact Van Pro!



Professional installation is the key to a safe and reliable service vehicle. Our qualified team of technicians is committed to delivering quality installation with every job that they do.

Our technicians work from one of our two locations: our spacious workshop in Dorval, Quebec, which spans 15,000 square feet, or our site in Ottawa, Ontario, which covers 2,000 square feet. Together, our Assembly, Fabrication and Installation teams spare no effort to create a finished product that is comfortable, safe and functional.



Lettering a vehicle is one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways to inform potential clients of your business and its services. At Van Pro, we offer professional lettering services to ensure that your vehicles serve not only a functional purpose, but a marketing one as well.


Rust Proofing

Protect your vehicle from some of the harshest weather conditions by rust proofing it. Contact Van Pro to provide you with the best rust proofing treatments that will maximize protection against corrosion and your car will get through the next few winters without rust problems.


Security System Installation

An airtight security system is the simplest way to prevent theft and safeguard your cargo. Van Pro also installs the very best in security alarms, vehicle starters and locking mechanisms manufactured by the most prominent names in the industry.